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Eliza Capai

Eliza Capai





Eliza Capai is an independent documentary filmmaker

who focuses on social issues.

In a very productive and ascending moment of her career, Eliza premiered her most intimate documentary, "Incompatible with Life", at It's All True International Film Festival. The film was awarded Best Feature and qualified for the Oscar

Eliza signs the direction of the first Netflix’s Brazilian true crime series – "Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon a Crime" (2020). Her previous feature, the awarded documentary “Your Turn” premiered at Berlinale (2019) and was awarded with the International Amnesty Prize and Peace Prize. Since that, the film was released in 100+ festivals and received 20+ awards. 

Her second movie, “The Tortoise and the Tapir” (72’, 2016 - directed and scripted by Eliza Capai), investigates the gigantic hydroelectric plants built and planned in the middle of the Amazon forest during Brazil’s worst drought in decades. 

Her first feature, Here Is So Far (71’, 2013 - directed and scripted by Eliza Capai), is based on encounters with women during a seven-month trip in Africa. In its premiere at the Rio International Film Festival New Trends, the documentary was awarded Best Feature Film. It received multiple awards in Brazil and abroad. 

Capai graduated from University of São Paulo with a degree in journalism and was a fellow at MIT Open Documentary Lab.



Incompatível com a vida / Incompatible with life
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INCOMPATIBLE WITH LIFE (2023, 73 minutes)


After documenting her frustrated pregnancy, director Eliza Capai talks with other women who have had similar experiences, creating a powerful and touching choir of voices that reverberates on universal themes: motherhood, prenatal grief and abortion. They are all from Brazil, a place where abortion in these cases can lead to up to three years in prison.

The film premiered at It's All True International Film Festival (2023), receiving the awards of Best Editing and Best Feature, being qualified for the Oscar.

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